Cooking in History

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StoveMy husband loves antiques and anything old and I guess it's rubbed off on me some. My mother in law had an old stove that held great sentimental value for her because her first husband, my husband's father bought it for her. After she died, this stove was still in her house, left to the family to do what they will.

Unfortunately, all my husband's sisters didn't want it in their houses as they all have their preferred stove to go with their modern kitchens. It just didn't go with any of their decor. My husband and I would have loved to have it in our house, but we couldn't afford to restore it and so it sat in storage for the last couple of years.

But now, after paying storage fees for two years, the family has decided to let go some of these material things no matter how sentimental the value is. It just is no longer cost effective to keep hanging on to them. My husband took some things from storage and took them to local antique stores but of course they won't give you what the items are really worth. We've also posted some items on eBay, but as you know if you are an eBay user, the service to list items for sale is no longer free. You now have to pay a fee but still have to manage transactions and shipping. It's just something that none of us, with our day jobs and busy lives, have time to do.

If you are in the same situation as us, it may be worth checking to see if there is a iSold It near you. If you have a valuable item to sell but don't want the hassle of listing it yourself, consult with iSold It and they will appraise your item for you to get the highest price possible and they will do all the hard work. They will list it, handle the transactions and when your item is sold, you get a check! Easy and hassle free.

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  1. GB // 5/23/2008 8:39 AM  

    Dear Paid Blogger, The company you are promoting, iSold It, collected fees for over 900 franchise licenses before they got “caught.” Where are they today?

    Only about 250 of those eBay drop-off stores opened before the failing ones started closing. Now there are only about 100 still open and trying to survive by continually remaking themselves in a effort to find what "works." The plush iSold It corporate HQs closed outside LA and moved to a “home-based office” in San Diego. Two of their competitors, NuMarkets and QuikDrop, went out of business and a third, SnappyAuctions, is slowly disappearing.

    All these companies have been fighting law suites. iSold It was removed from the Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 100 list because of their shady dealings. You can read the facts about eBay drop-off store scams on

    None of the drop-off stores are what they were set up to be and they are not doing well. The owners are struggling to make money and putting their personal savings into them as long as they can. When they fail to produce revenue some owners are selling them for less than they spent to get into them.

    Why the high failure rate? The eBay drop-off store concept doesn’t work. By using them you are costing them money, delaying the eventual closing, and supporting the corrupt franchisers. What if the store closes after you drop off your items? It has happened more than once. Some people have gotten their stuff or money back and others haven’t.

    Here's a blog that will open your eyes: read it and tell me you want to be part of a company like this!

    P.S. iSold It claims to be the #1 seller on eBay. Ask them to prove it. (They can't, because they aren't.)