Groovin' in the Kitchen

Posted by JMom | Friday, May 23, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Mpfree_new_logoWhen we're doing anything around the house but especially when cooking, the girls and I love to put some music on and just groove in the kitchen. My girls, like most teens, just love music and their tastes cover a wide range from oldies to acid rock. They all have their mp3 players and they love adding more and more music to their play lists.

We've always discouraged them from downloading illegally online; goodness knows they have enough trouble to get into without that added to it. Now there is a place where anyone can download for free and legally. Get Free Music From by simply completing surveys, entering sweepstakes and trying new products. So, it's not totally free. You have to do a little something in return. But at least, according to their website, they pay royalties for the music they give out so you don't feel like you're taking advantage of the artists. You don't have to submit a credit card to join, the cost for making the downloads available is paid for by advertisers to the site. It's a fair trade if you ask me.

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