Leftover Fritata

Posted by JMom | Saturday, November 06, 2010 | , , , | 2 comments »

Leftover Fritata

Since we're on a roll with reusing leftovers, here's another way. If you don't like fried rice, then you can always re-hash your leftovers in eggs.

That's what we did with this fritata/omelet, whatever you want to call it. Just take whatever leftover you have in the refrigerator and cook it in egg and you'll have something delicious to call brunch!

What we had here was some leftover lumpia filling consisting of ground beef, carrots, greenbeans, and celery. I simply cooked them in a couple of scrambled eggs and you'd think I actually went through the trouble of chopping all these vegetables for breakfast!

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    OH wow this looks sooo good - marvellous - will try it out next weekend :-))

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    Can't disagree on that one