POM Coffee

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My daughters are teenagers now, 16 and 17 years old. They think they're grown and they think they're old enough to drink coffee. For a while, they had a love affair going with the mermaid's coffee shop until I told them they will have to start paying for their own. That's when they decided, "hey! there's other coffee out there that's just as good and doesn't cost my whole week's allowance!"

And since we're big coffee drinkers at home, they've also taken to drinking OUR home brewed coffee. Yeah, they think they're grown...

Now they have a new obsession. Ever since we were sent samples of these POM iced coffees to try out, they have been getting a supply of them every time we go to the grocery store. At first, they thought it was pomegranate juice. When they saw it was iced coffee, their first reaction was, "Ewe, coffee and POMegranate juice?" Luckily, there's no juice in this POM, just coffee and other good-for-you stuff like milk and POMx an extract derived from pomegranates which contains caffeine and polyphenol antioxidants.

They liked these iced coffees so much that they've taken to carrying them for their lunch. The great thing about these is that they don't have to be refrigerated so they can just keep them in their lunch bag along with the usual ice block they take to cool stuff down. No refrigeration required.

POM iced coffees come in three flavors, cafe' au lait, chocolate and vanilla. My girls liked all of them and now get a variety each time we go to the market. They can be found in the same area as the POM juices, btw.

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