Taquitos and The Blue Light Special

Posted by JMom | Thursday, August 13, 2009 | | 0 comments »

When we were young, my mom shopped at Kmart. One of the treats I looked forward to every time we went shopping was beef taquitos. I know, weird, right? But strangely, that's where I first tasted the fried sticks with bits of beef inside it and they gave you that fake, canned guacamole sauce to dip it in. I thought it was delicious! I couldn't get enough of it! And as tiring as it was to tail my mom on her shopping sprees, when she said KMart, I was up and ready to go because I knew we would get some taquitos in the bargain. Of course now I won't touch those things with a ten foot pole. lol!

I actually hated going to KMart because they had those Kmart Bluelight specials that made everyone in the store insane. While browsing the store, you'll feel a change in the air. You'll see people start walking fast, some actually trotting, just a few seconds before the intercom announcement comes on about some item or other on the blue light special. For a kid, it was scary and exciting at the same time. One of my aunts used to go to KMart just for the blue light specials. She said she love the festive atmosphere. And I guess, looking back on it now it could have been fun rushing to the blue light and getting a great deal. No matter if you need the item or not, it's on sale! So you buy it. Marketing genius, right?

Sadly, by the time I was old enough to shop on my own, the blue light specials were gone and I realized that I kind of missed it. Well now, I hear they are back again. This Saturday ONLY, August 15, the blue light special returns with over 40 blue light specials all day. They have great deals on back to school items such as kids backpacks (Athletech, Route 66 and Licensed), regular price: $19.99, will sell for less than 50% off at $8! 70 count notebooks will also be on special at buy 2 get 1 free. These are amazing deals for back-to-school shoppers.

If you're not shopping for back-to-school, this is the time to buy summer items like patio furniture which, at the end of summer like now, usually go on sale for up to 70% off. Well during the blue light special weekend, you can get an extra 20% off! What a steal! That's practically free!

Don't miss out on the blue light special this weekend. Mark your calendars! To stay updated on sales and to make sure you're reminded of the blue light special, follow Kmart on Twitter and be first to know of great buys.

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