Winter Wonderland and More

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Most people, when they think of vacation homes tend to think of sunny locales with white sand beaches and temperate clime year round. Others though, require more variety to hold their interest. What could be better than Vermont vacation homes for those who look for the change in seasons?

The seasons aren't the only draw in Vermont. Vermont's Quechee Lakes is one of the many growing communities that are geared for people who are looking to obtain a second residence. The Quechee Lakes community is composed of both single family homes and luxury townhomes nestled in the beautiful Ottauquechee River Valley where recreation and adventure amidst breathtaking views is part of the lifestyle. The winter scene, which Vermont is most famous for, offers the best in winter sports but during milder weather the activity does not stop; there is a world class golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness center, hiking and biking trails, horseback riding and lake front access to keep you busy and entertained.

Best of all, for families with children, the Quechee Lakes community is very kid friendly and has activities to keep them occupied in any season. The Quechee Club, where every homeowner becomes a member automatically, offers activities geared specifically for children and teens like ski and swim instruction, junior tennis and golf, a swim team, supervised activities, family adventure trips and field trips.

Start dreaming, check out their website and imagine the possibilities!