Cash for Gold

Posted by JMom | Sunday, February 01, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Are you watching the Super Bowl today? Are you having a party with all the trimmings? I love the trimmings! Super Bowl feasts are awesome which is the only reason I usually go to a Super Bowl party. That, and the ads. I'm not much of a sport fan but I do love watching the half time show and the advertisements.

This year, one of the ads lined up during the game is a cash for gold commercial featuring MC Hammer and Ed McMahon. What a duo, eh? If you're not familiar with Cash4Gold, (which is almost impossible not to have heard about them with all their ads on TV, online and the papers) they are the company that offers to buy your gold. If you have gold jewelries and knick knacks laying around that you no longer use and would like to get some money for, contact Cash4Gold for a secure mailing envelope and mail in your valuables. They will evaluate your items, weigh it and value it then they will send you payment via check or direct deposit. They have a total satisfaction guarantee which says that if you think your items were not fairly evaluated, contact them within 10 days and they will return your items to you.

If you'd like a preview of the ad, visit the website. It's actually pretty funny especially if you know that both MC Hammer and Ed McMahon have had their share of financial troubles lately and probably had resorted to some of the scenarios on the ad.