I tried... pupusas

Posted by JMom | Tuesday, February 24, 2009 | , , | 0 comments »

We made soup the other day and discovered that I didn't have any bread or tortillas to go with it. I did have some flour and some masa (corn flour) in the pantry so I decided to try making some pupusas. Pupusas, if you didn't know, is a corn tortilla that is stuffed with either meat or cheese, commonly found in Salvadoran restaurants but it is also common in other Latin American cuisines. It is different from a quesadilla where you sandwich the filling between two pieces of tortillas in that the filling is wrapped in the dough before cooking. It sounded interesting, so we picked a recipe online and gave it a try.

These came out a bit dry for my taste so I won't put a recipe up yet. Here are a few recipes online though if you're interested:
Pupusas on Whats4Eats
Salvadorian Pupusas on RecipeZaar
Pupusas Recipe on 101 Cookbooks

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