Another Year, Another Time

Posted by JMom | Friday, January 09, 2009 | , | 1 comments »

Grandfather ClockHappy New Year! How did you ring in the New Year? When I was young, it was always an event to wait for midnight and counting the gongs on the grandfather clock. We don't have a grandfather clock anymore so sadly, that tradition is foreign to my girls who only know of clocks as the silent, unobtrusive objects on the wall good only for telling time.

We didn't have one of the full sized grandfather clocks, my parents had one of those that sat on the mantel. It still had to be wound in order for it to keep ticking and it did gong every hour on the dot, one for every hour of the day. Midnight and noon were special because we had to wait for all 12 beats, counting along with it.

Those were special times and I wish I could repeat it for my children too. I have been wanting one for our den but I was thinking we should get a more contemporary style to go with our decor. Luckily, contemporary style grandfather clocks are available now. You don't have to go with the ornate antique ones unless you're lucky enough to have inherited one. Now there are grandfather clocks with more sleek and modern designs that will go with your decor.

Check out the more contemporary makes of grandfather clocks at and see if there is a design that will suit your home. I'm sure you'll find something. They carry brand names such as Howard Miller clocks, Ridgeway clocks, Kieninger clocks and Hermle clocks. If you don't have room for a full sized granfather clock, they also carry mantel clocks, wall clocks and atomic clocks.


  1. toni // 1/16/2009 8:04 AM  

    Grandfather clocks scare me! Somehow they were always in scary movies I'd see as a kid. So I associated them with creepy midnight chimes and things that go bump in the night. *L*