A hostess Gift Idea

Posted by JMom | Thursday, December 25, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Merry Christmas!! How has your holiday been going so far? For the most part, our holiday has been a quiet one and we didn't really buy a whole lot of presents. We do have one party to go to later today, and one visit we've committed to next week. We'll need a hostess gift so I think, even though I hadn't planned on it, we'll be going shopping tomorrow, the day after Christmas.

Going out to shopping tomorrow may not be such a bad idea after all as I hear there are going to be even more sales. For instance, you can still get last minute gifts from Kmart for under $25! There are thousands of items on the KMart inventory under $25 from clothing, jewelry, tows, housewares, linens, accessories and so on to choose from.

For the hostess gift, I'm think of getting something for the home like the cake stand pictured above. We're going to be making a cake to take with us anyway, so it will be perfect to put it on this cake dome and just leave the whole thing with our hostess when the party is over. I have one of these cake stands and I love it and use it every time we bake a cake. Mine hasn't been put away all month! Since our hostess is an avid baker too, I'm sure she'll love getting this gift.

KMart is a great place to go for last minute gifts but also a great resource for everyday needs. And don't forget, they are the ones that have the layaway plan for those purchases that you can't afford to get right away. The best thing about putting something on layaway is you can make payments on your item without having to pay interest. Pretty good deal, I think.