Having Your Oysters

Posted by JMom | Tuesday, December 02, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

I love oysters but I have never found a pearl in one. Have you? Maybe I've been eating the wrong kind of oysters. Probably a good thing too.

Pearls, if you didn't know are cultivated from oysters by introducing an irritant like sand into the oyster. It then tries to protect itself from the irritant by coating it with layers of nacre. It just so happens that the nacre has a luminous quality that makes pearls beautiful and thus highly desirable. For a while, pearls went out of fashion, relegated to be the jewelry of 'older' women. However, it is again coming into fashion as the younger fashionistas realize the classic beauty of a well made pearl necklace. Just look at runway and red carpet photos and you'll see what I mean.

Every woman should have a set of pearls, my mother always said and so she presented me with my own when I got married. Now it's my turn to pass on this tradition to my three daughters. It's a good thing there are sites like the Pearl Outlet where you can get high quality pearls at wholesale prices. If you're looking for a special present that will bring a huge impact but won't break the bank, then I think pearls are for you.

Check the Pearl Outlet and learn about the different types of pearls available. There are many of them and they cover a variety of colors, shape and quality. Don't forget that they offer their pearls at wholesale prices.