Feeding Your Skin

Posted by JMom | Monday, December 08, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

Infusion_therapyEating healthy, eating the right kinds of food does wonders for your skin. I truly believe that and lived by it for years. However, you hit 40 and things seem to start going downhill no matter how hard you try to stave off the effects of aging. Some things are just inevitable and aging is one of them.

I had always taken casual care of my skin, it had never let me down before. But lately, I have succumbed to a certain amount of vanity just to maintain the looks of my skin that I had gotten accustomed to. I've been testing a number of products to see which one would be most effective against the oiliness and dryness that seem to happen all at once and in different areas of my face. Wrinkles aren't too much of a problem yet, but I do notice a looser and less lustrous look and feel to my skin.

I recently had a chance to try out a new skin rejuvenating cream called Dermalastyl. It's a new product that is available only online. The cream features tropoelastin as the main ingredient which is works to prevent wrinkles by absorbing into the layers of skin, converts into elastin and integrates itself into the skin. Elasticity in your skin, as we all know is what starts to deteriorate with age thus causing wrinkles, starting with the loosening or slackness of the skin as I mentioned.

I've been using this cream for a week now, twice a day, and I am already noticing a small difference. I like this cream because it is not heavily perfumed. You can't smell any fragrance other than just a pleasant, clean smell. The texture is not oily so you don't feel like you have a mask on. It feels really light on your skin and it makes it feel soft even with the first application. I don't wear foundation daily, but I do use face powder to even out my skin tone. This moisturizer does not cause my powder to clump as some of the other products I have tried. I like that.

I'll use the cream for a few more weeks and see if the improvements increase. BTW, I also noticed that the oiliness on my nose and forehead seem to have decreased with this cream as well. I'm keeping an eye on a couple of spots between my eyes and on the corner of my eyes to see if the wrinkles that are starting to take hold there will be reduced before my supply runs out.

As of now, after one week of use, I would strongly recommend this product.