White vs. Black

Posted by JMom | Thursday, October 16, 2008 | | 0 comments »

StoveEver since I've been keeping my own house, I've always had a white stove. But then, I've never had to buy my own stove before either. The stoves I've had either came with the place or someone else bought it for me.

Well the last stove that my mother in law bought for us, a white electric stove, finally wore out after almost ten years of use. So I finally had a chance to pick and choose my own stove!

The first thing I did was to switch from electric to gas. I was so tired of cooking on the barely warm electric range. I wanted my fire! That's why when it came time to pick a range, I chose one that had at least one eye with a high BTU (British Thermal Unit) output. That means the fire that comes out of it is a lot hotter than normal. Yep, I learned that fire is not fire after all, there are different kinds of fire. There's the warm one, the hot one and the scorching one. I wanted one with a scorching eye since I like to stirfry and there's nothing more frustrating than attempting to stirfry and ending up with a stew.

After deciding on the functions and brands, we then needed to decide on the color. I was going to stick with the standard white since that's what I'm used to and the rest of the appliances in my kitchen are still white. My husband though wanted to switch to this black and stainless steel model as he says he would eventually like to replace the rest of the appliances with the stainless steel models. Stainless steel, I had no problems with; but the black just seemed so severe especialy since my whole kitchen was white.

That was a few months ago and I am now seeing the advantages of the black surface and also getting used to the look of it. Now I think I'm liking it. I'm liking the black finish especially since it seems to be easier to clean and maintain. I noticed I don't spend as much time scrubbing until it's pristine. Sure, things still get burned and stuck on it and I still have to scrub those off; but on the black surface, you don't get that yellowed, dirty hue you get on the white finish so you don't spend a whole lot of time scrubbing to get it sparkling clean. As much as I hate to clean, you know I have to like that!

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