Spoiled Soup

Posted by JMom | Monday, September 15, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

soupDo you believe in the old saying about the one bad apple spoiling the whole barrel or the one about one bad experience spoiling the soup? Read about our recent experience with Delta airlines and why we're not going to be flying with them anymore on Found Not Lost.

Here is an excerpt:

Trent at The Simple Dollar asked, Does one bad experience spoil the soup? He is referring to our adverse reaction to certain brands or establishments as a result of one unpleasant experience that we pretty much boycott the product altogether.

That reminded me of all the whining I’ve been doing lately about the inconvenience of traveling nowadays. I whined about the higher prices, the luggage, the extra fees, I whined about the delays. But you know what, I think most of us expect that now. We don’t really expect first class treatment in coach anymore. Actually, I think even first class travelers will agree that the overall service of commercial flights have been declining every year. Even with all the things I complained about, they weren’t enough to make me stop flying altogether. It’s just too much of a necessity. I will still be flying commercial planes. I can’t afford to fly any other way.


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