What a relief it is!

Posted by JMom | Tuesday, August 19, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

Remember that old Alka-seltzer commercial, plop plop fizz fizz what a relief it is? Well being in debt is a lot like having indigestion. It's like having that heaviness in your stomach that takes your breath away and keeps you from functioning like you want to. It's an uneasy feeling, nauseating at times. That's what it feels like too when you are buried in bills and collectors are hounding you. The moment your debts are cleared you get such a feeling of relief and lightness, it's like you just took a dose of Alka-seltzer.

In real life, you can get relief by visiting the Freedom Debt Relief website and get a free 10 minute consultation. They can help you lower your debt and be debt free in 12-36 months. If creditors are knocking on your door and collectors are calling you at all hours, don't resort to bankruptcy quite yet. A bankruptcy can stay with you for a long time. Ten years or more, to be exact and it could impact your creditworthiness for a long time. Try to not go that route if you can. Consult with Freedom Debt Relief and have them work with you. Rather than 5 or 6 big bills, they may be able to reduce you to one bill that will be more within your budget.