Watch Wimbledon LIVE!

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If you're a tennis fan, like my husband is, you'll know that this week is Wimbledon week. For a sports fan, not having cable at home can be very frustrating. We haven't had cable at our house for years now. So, what's a fan to do who wants to watch Wimbledon LIVE? Why watch it online, of course!

Through MediaZone, the official broadband partner for Wimbledon 2008, you can subscribe to watch all the Wimbledon matches online. My husband loves it! Plus, by watching it online he can avail of the On Demand feature which enables him to watch matches on his time rather than staying up all night to watch them while they are played live. But then, he likes watching them in real time and really doesn't mind staying awake at all hours just to watch the matches. I do know one of the features he would take advantage of is the ability to watch previous matches. He missed a few earlier in the week because, he does after all still has to cut the grass; but it's turning out that those matches are the most interesting because some of the best players were knocked off early and it is now the underdogs that are stealing the game!

Exciting times in Wimbledon happening as we speak. Fans who blog are having a field day blogging as events unfold. Matches are also being posted on YouTube as they happen giving more fodder for bloggers who love tennis. Get in on the action, and check out Wimbledon 2008 LIVE online!

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