Old Man Clock

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When I was young, my grandfather's house had a grandfather clock and I thought it was called that because it was grandfather's clock. The first boing at the top of each hour would always startle me but I loved counting off the boings to tell the time no matter where in the house I happen to be sitting. When the boings start coming after the other at midday, you might as well start heading for the dining room because someone will be yelling lunch at any time. My grandmother promptly served her meals at the top of the hours. 8 for breakfast, 12 for lunch and 6 for dinner. We kids always knew when it was time to eat because of the gong. Well, that and because of all the good smells coming from the kitchen.

These days, I hardly see any grandfather clocks anymore unless I visit a really old house like my grandparents'. I kind of miss them and makes me wish I could have one in our house again. I don't think my girls have ever been in a house with a clock that makes its presence known. That's why thy got such a kick when they visited a friend who had a cuckoo clock. They just sat in front of it and waited for the little bird to come out and coo at them. You don't think about it, but little things such as a clock can make such lasting memories for children. Just like smells make lasting memories, so do sounds that we associate with memorable experiences.

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  1. Discount Bedroom furniture // 7/25/2008 1:35 PM  

    Grandfather clocks are a very distinguished timepiece that chimes deeply sending tones that remind you of your childhood while also reminding you its time for supper. They are regal, stately, beautiful and the mark of an accomplished home.You can get these clocks in varying heights and widths, shapes and colors.Today’s grandfather clocks carry on the tradition of infusing a home with song.By choosing grandfather clocks we are choosing sophistication,elegance and even song. The grandfather clock we had growing up (its still in my parents house, I hope to inherit it someday) needed to be "wound" every few days so it would keep time again. My father always touched it with special white gloves so his fingerprints wouldn’t get on the brass weights and pendulum. To this day the sound of that clock makes me think of my childhood and my father adjusting the clock.