Shield Yourself When Shopping Online

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You hear about it all the time. You hear about people who get burned by frauds, hacks and identity theft when shopping online. They are certainly scary stories. You'd hate to have something like that happen to you. You know how hard it would be on your pocket book and on your time. You hate to see it happen to someone else.

ShopshieldShop Shield® doesn't want to see it happen to anyone else either. They are a new consumer service providing protection services against identity theft and fraud when you are shopping online. They offer to protect your Credit Card Numbers, Bank Accounts, Billing Address, Email Address, and log in by using a fortress like security system. All your personal information are fragmented and encrypted and stored in multiple independent databases. We do something similar at my job (research) we strip all personal information from the data we are examining so that we don't ever really know who it belongs to. That's what Shop Shield® does when you are shopping online. The merchants will get paid, the merchandise delivered to you, but your information such as your credit card number will never reach the merchant or anyone in between that may have fraudulent thoughts in mind for this information. It's like writing in invisible ink. Only the ones who need to see it gets to see your pertinent information. I know, it's a horrible way to have to do business, but in this day and age, you really have to protect yourself. While it's easier now for us to reach out to the world wide web, it is also easier for people who mean us harm to reach us. A shield is just what we need.

Visit Shop Shield® and learn how they guarantee their service by reimbursing you up to $10,000 more than the coverage your credit card company provides if you ever become a victim of fraud or identity theft. If this nightmare ever happens to you, they will provide resolution services at no cost to you.

Learn More about all these services and how Shop Shield® provides all these to you for FREE!

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  1. Adelynn // 8/19/2008 4:35 AM  

    Wow..! That is really very useful for safe online shopping.