What to get Dad for Father's Day?

Posted by JMom | Wednesday, May 21, 2008 | , | 0 comments »


I get my love of food from my dad so you would think that with Father's Day fast approaching, I would be leaning towards a foodie gift, right? Wrong. The thing with having a foodie for a father is that he always thinks what he makes is better than anything that can be bought. Yeah, well I didn't say he was modest.

Luckily, like most men he also loves watching sports on TV. That is, after the food channel. BUT, me buying him a giant HDTV for Father's Day, even though I know he would absolutely love it, is out of the budget.

HOWEVER, if you can write a convincing essay on “Why does your dad deserves the nation’s biggest HDTV?” he just may be spending Father's Day in HD heaven. To enter the contest, just click on the link for details on how you can make your dad's day even more special.

If your dad lives in Charter's service area (check their website if your area is covered), they may be eligible to win, thanks to you, the Grand Prize HDTV and FREE Charter HD service and The Charter Bundle for life. Runner ups can also win FREE Charter HD service for a year.

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