How To Get Better Response to Your Email Campaign

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For bloggers, it's no longer enough to simply generate good content and hope for the best. The internet is now littered with many good bloggers with useful content and it's easy to get lost in the crowd. There are many ways to promote your blog and one of them is through email. The danger with email is, your message could be easily classified as spam then it becomes more of a detriment to your campaign than an advantage. The infographic below gives some very useful tips on how you can use email to your advantage. Here are the main points:

  1. Optimize for Mobile - more and more people are now using mobile devices to browse the internet, check their emails and for social networking. As a blogger or website developer, you have to make sure that your website is visible and useable in any device.
  2. Personalize and Interact - customize your emails so that readers will feel that you are talking directly to them and make them want to engage in a conversation with you. You don't always have to do a hard sell, sometimes getting them interested first is worth more in the long run.
  3. Adapt, Change, and Test - Don't sent the same pitch over and over again. That is a sure way to get your email relegated to the spam folder. Try to vary your messages and monitor how people are responding to them.

See the infographic below for more details. Better yet, print it out and post it where you can refer to it while strategizing for your next email campaign.

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Everyone's on a diet lately. There are so many types of diets being talked about on the blogs right now that it gets really hard to keep track of them sometimes.

Here's another infographic (don't you just love these things?) that takes a closer look at some of the more popular diet trends going on and highlights some of the good and bad about each one.

The one that I have heard of the most is the Paleo Diet which is a high protein and high fat diet. Perfect for a meat eating family like mine. I am concerned too that it is high in fat, but I like it that it concentrates around 'real' and organic foods.

What about you, have you tried any of the diets below? What do you think?

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One of the buzzwords you may have heard among health blogs lately is the importance of gut flora. Gut flora describes the many microorgarnisms that live in our digestive tracts. Most of the time, this 'flora' is beneficial to our well being and more important that we may think. They enable us to take advantage and utilize all the things we digest and keep our body functioning as it should.

However, what we feed our 'flora' is also important in order to keep them in good working order. Ever wonder why there are so many ailments that are alleviated by proper nutrition? Gut flora is the reason. When working properly, the relationship between your gut flora and your well being can be mutually beneficial.

You'd be surprised how much of our body is affected by what we put in our guts. The infographic below shows the relationship between your mind and your gut, for instance. What you eat can greatly affect how your brain functions. Depending on what your fill your gut with, you could be helping your brain or you could be killing it.

Read throught the infographic below and keep it mind next time you're tempted to indulge in something that is bad for you. There is something to that old adage after all, You Are What You Eat!

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Strawberries with Yogurt

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Strawberry season is waning, but there is still time to get some ripe, juicy berries. Top them with plain yogurt or, my favorite, Greek yogurt, and you have an unbeatable breakfast!

Chili for Chilly Nights

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 It's getting to be that time again! The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, and the hankering for soup is back! 

 We had chili the other night, with cornbread casserole. It was a welcome change. Click on the photo for the recipe. Or if you'd rather have turkey chili, just click on this link.