My Chicken Sandwich (cooked by jade)

Posted by Jade | Saturday, February 12, 2005 | 1 comments »

I have been having strange bursts of hunger along with the rest of the family, so I ended up cooking/experimenting with chicken again. Unfortunately however we were pretty much out of my favorite factor: skinless, boneless chicken filets. That's what I use EVERY time I cook in the kitchen. I just like it because it's easy and on hand.
So here's the pic and recipe, I'll keep on blogging and catching up after this!!

2 skinless boneless chicken filets
italian bread crumbs (the prepacked stuff from the store)
1 egg

romaine lettuce
1 hamburger bun (pair of course)
ranch dressing(if desired)

Start by getting 2 pie pans. Crack open the egg into one pan, whisk and add in some pepper and salt. In the second pan put the flour, bread crumbs, salt and pepper in and mix well. Once chicken is defrosted dip one of the chicken filets in egg solution so it is well covered. Then roll in the flour mixture. Place in pan with oil (heat just above medium) and cook until golden brown. Cut the other filet into small bitesize pieces or strips. Repeat the above steps too.

Now you can start compiling your sandwich. Put a thin layer of mayonaise on each of the buns. Place a thin piece of tomato on your bun so it covers it evenly. Add your lettuce and top it off with your chicken filet and plate. Garnish with the smaller chicken nuggets. And of course I had to use the ranch dressing for ultimate dipping on the side. YUM!


  1. Karen // 2/16/2005 7:01 AM  

    But this looks so professionally done, like something from a restaurant. Hi Jade! Keep up the good cooking.