Food find

Posted by Jade | Saturday, February 12, 2005 | 3 comments »

Cooked by up by Jade and Clone

Clone and I actually found this a while ago, when we were eating grapes in the kitchen after school one day. Pretty strange but I bet you could find em all over the place. She was pretty surprised and amused though. She then dubbed it "the butt" because of it's particular shape.

A nice little "haha" for you.


  1. rowena // 2/14/2005 2:38 AM  

    Oh that is too funny!!!!---JMom, I've been tagged several times already for that music thing...sorry!!! :-(

  2. Thess // 2/14/2005 9:57 AM  

    Jmom, buti pa itong butt na ito, matambok unlike mine..ahahayyy...

    hapi balentayns!

  3. JMom // 2/14/2005 10:19 AM  

    Hi Rowena and Thess! Yes, this week, it is all Jade's posts in Our Kitchen. It looks like something else to me, but it's more wishfull thinking on my part. :)

    Hapi balentayns din sa iyo, Thess!